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Welcome to Parent Feed. Parent Feed is a collection of resources and information for parents and others concerned about kids and teenagers.

Could Spending Money on Experiences Save the World? [Podcast]

I don’t know about saving the world, but could spending money on experiences rather than stuff make your teen more content, more grateful, and more generous? This short podcast offers some of the latest neuroscience regarding spending money on experiences versus stuff.

Cutting Back on Screen Time. [Article]

What parents do in moderation, their kids will do in excess. If you didn’t know, kids and teens spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a screen. If that is news to you, please contact me because I have some shares of Myspace that I would like to sell you. Outside of laying a spiritual foundation for our kids, one of the best things we can do for them is to help them use technology wisely. This blog article shares a few good ideas for managing screen time for kids and teens.

Rinstagram vs. Finstagram. [Article]

Ever heard of Finstagram? If not, check our this article explaining a growing trend for teens.

Love Thy Neighbor. [Podcast]

I came across this podcast recently. I have listened to a few of their podcasts and really like what I have heard so far. The podcasts dive into issues facing Christians as they engage in the world.

How to Survive a Grid-Down Disaster. [Podcast]

So, I am not a prepper and do not plan on ever being a prepper. However, I came across this podcast on one of the podcasts I frequently listen to and found some of the information interesting. I’m sharing this as an outside-the-box resource.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Kids. [Video]

Paul David Tripp examines how parents typically deal with discipline issues with their children and offers five questions parents should ask during the dicipline/correction process.

4 Things Daughters Need from Dads. [Article]

The title pretty much sums up this article. Spoiler Alert: The four things are time, talk, touch, and tenderness. Dads these four are super important.

What Kids are Really Watching on YouTube (and How Parents can Deal with It). [Article]

In this article, Dr. Heitner examines some of the common YouTube channels kids and teens are watching and suggests conversation starters centered around YouTube.

One Great Response to FOMO. [Article]

FOMO stands for “Fear of Missing Out.” If you are a parent of a teenager or even an older child, chances are your child has some level of FOMO. This is what drives them to stay on-line 24/7. They might miss something if they go off-line. One new antidote to FOMO is JOMO or the “Joy of Missing Out.” If your child is on-line, I would recommend you give him or her the JOMO challenge.

Parents and Pastors: Partners in Gen Z Discipleship. [Article]

Some recent research on the church-family partnership in discipling kids and teens. Parents I would be interested in your thoughts on some of the statistics and especially the topics parents feel unprepared to discuss with their kids. How can the church help prepare parents to discuss these issues?

Parents Want to Pass on Faith, But Few Talk About It. [Article]

Some interesting statistics on parents and faith conversations with their kids.


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Disclaimer: While I believe each resource can be helpful, I do not necessarily agree with every view expressed by the authors or publishing organizations. I encourage a careful, critical, and biblical examination of each source and the views represented therein.

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